Even though my marriage is over I forgive her for what she did. Although I doubt I would do the same to her if she went through what I went through but its completely understandable. I just don't know why she would do this again  with the same man to this day, I guess I really lost her and I'm just still a looser and I have the look too. I just feel so jealous and mad at myself that real awesome man gets  to have all the fun with her while I get to take care of her son and our truly awesome daughter. The job connect and unemployment always says If I don't have a degree that means I don't know how to turn on a computer and I still have a hard time getting a stable job at a company. Just take a look at my site here and see that I have no skills. Maybe I don't deserve this very nice man's heart. I am sorry to the family who had their son give his heart to a looser who has no skills and don't know how to turn on a computer.


I just want to apologize to I think still my wife Mariejo B Hutchinson for being very sick with my heart failure and also I thank her for Jolina Hutchinson. I truly opreceate her for her cooking and her skills in making the house look great. I don't deserve her.