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Estimated Hourly Rate.



2D Graphic Design. Logo creation. Storyboarding. Web Art Layout



3D Modeling props.

Vehicles. weapons. furnatures.

 Exterior architectures



Game Character Dev. Basic Char/Mech Rigging.


 Caricature setup. Arch- interiors. Video Prod.

Quarter up front may apply before project starts.



HD Cinamatic Character setup. High Quality Enviroment setup For Cinamtic Films.

Half up front may apply before project starts.

       I am devoted to ensure that you get the highest level quality that is to your satisfaction. I dare to think outside of the box to explore the usage of 3D as a medium to convey the characters and artwork you visualized in your head and continuously strived to bring to you a full cinematic experience. My animation is a very effective way to demonstrate your inventions through mechanism of action, functionality, complex make up of your products.


       My 3d animation skills improves understanding of complex ideas, enhances long-term memory of a message, and reinforces credibility more effectively than verbal or written communication tools. This benefits clients to convey their ideas to conferences, schools, and investors. 3d animation may help see and realize faults in your products, thus allowing you to rework last-minute changes before your deadline.


        If you have a story to tell then I'm your man to help you visually publish it. No matter if it's to be printed on comic book layout or video presented on web. I'm fully dedicated to complying with most of your requirements. To that end, I will do my best to meet your satisfaction.

Animate accidents






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Corel wordperfect

Xara Design


3ds Max


3ds Max


Adobe Muse


Coppercube WebGL

When i meet with my clients I always take notes on what their requesting and get a quick envision of their product. Weather writing a quick script or voice recording them, I'm able to get visualize idea of the product they want me to produce. In most cases I would meet up with my clients again so I can present my concepts and storyboard i created in Coreldraw. The illustrated Storyboard should help my clients reveal whether I am correctly visualizing what they want. Once the clients approve the storyboard or concept blueprints. Its on to developing character enviroments and props.

In this phase I would first 3d model their props and characters without applying textures on them. That way they would see if shapes of their product is correct or not. Although most clients usually want textures applied on the props before viewing so it can go either way. For example gaming industries prop's shaders have to look correct when the props are imported into Stingray. For me I usually require much more of the clients attention when it comes to me lighting the scenes and setting up Special fx so they are correct.

This final phase would require the clients to review the camera views and the animatic phase of their projects. Almost always  clients will want to make changes in the projects, thus I usually start seperating things apart like in 3ds max I do alot of render element passes having characters seperated without the eviroment. I would render the enviroment only with seperated light passess so I can change the value and color of the lights in post. For games I have to make sure the animation have the correct scale and animation timing for programmers before its ready to be exported to WebGL. I always name my assets correctly to be ready to edit in web publishing app.

My 3D Art
My 2D Art
Hardware Tech
About Me

Above is a video that shows my 2D art skills work  (NON 3D)

Above is a video thst show My old casino logo animations as a contractor

OPIMIZED for Windows OS,  Androids and ipads

Above is an animation I made after my heart surgery

This Video Trailer above was created for Neon Ave Studios. It took me 123 hours. Please click on play or touch image above to play video.




This link shows my website skills. How I can build basic front page layout for companies.

Please click or touch image icon on left to open site.

 test sample website was created for customer with Tablets able to order food at the Chinese buffet restaurant. Please click or touch image icon on left to open site.

Lab Tech Computer repair skills

May require Webpage to Refresh for Video To Show up (long videos)

The Video to the left will show me disassembling and reassembling a 18 inch screen Alienware Labtop Computer.

Step 1

Remove the base enclosure.



Step 2

Remove the battery



How I Work




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Independent Technical 3D Artist Contractor

I am available for hiring on a freelance basis and working on-site. Feel free to contact me for face to face Designing Consultation, and for any further questions. Also feel free to view my website samples I did for my clients below.


My Old 3D Art Portfolio Site

This test sample website was created for customer with Tablets able to order food at the Chinese buffet restaurant. Please click or touch image icon on left to open site.

This link shows my website skills. How I can build basic front page layout for companies.

Please click or touch image icon on left to open site.

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Time Line Process

When I meet with clients I'm always asked how fast can you get this project done. So first and foremost Price determines the quality of the product and good assets takes time. Like all numerous projects assets have to be approved. Clients must be serious and not take their time getting back to me for approval. The

speed of any projects getting done is determined by having great preproduction storyboarding and planning. Great preparation will greatly reduce the time it takes to finish the clients product. This of course effects me by making sure to keep my clients updated as much as possible so that my art does not start drifting away from what they request. Below is an example of how long it would take for me to produce a single character. She is in the video I created when I was recovering at the UCLA hospital. Her name is Lillian A Stanford.

     I took about 30 hours to model the whole humanoid female. Her hair was around 15 hours. Her wordrobe cloths took about eight hours.


     Although most of the projects I get characters are modelled with cloth on, which  allow me not to have to model the torso and hips. That's becuase the character does not change uniform. Also games characters  are modelled with hair poly for better compatibility to be imported to game engines.


    Texturing would be one of my weak spots. But I have improved after I was discharged from the hospital. The UVW unwrapping of the character took me around 8 hours. The hand painting in 3ds max's viewport canvas and creating the logos in Photoshop took me around 78 hours or more.

For this character i setup CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) to rig the female character in 5 hours. I then used the skin modifier to bind the mesh body and top clothes to the cat rig, which took me about 9 hours. Then I used skin wrap to bind her pants to her lower torso. I just linked her eyes to the cat skull with lookat contraint applied to them.

Eight hours of modification and fixing skin deformations.

Creatures, monsters, aliens and sometimes robots would take me more time to create depending on their  custom shape and complexity. Humanoid characters are easier to create because I could just take one characters hand or leg that I've finish modeling in the  past and use it on the new character.

2D Graphic Arts also require alot of time and concepts depending on its complexity and detail. The Logo on the left took me about 1 hour in xara illustrater and about 3 hours in Paintshop Pro to create. I first layout the vector art and then I painted the shade and dark areas with dodge and burn brush. The Ipixel3d logo below took me 24 hours to create.


I mostly use my graphic illustration skills on Graphic User Interface for slots machines and web layout.

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