Hello. My name is John L Hutchinson. I'm an independent 3D Computer Artist who was born with no family in an orphanage in Philippines. I was a very shy timid kid who drew a lot. When I was 8 years old I was adopted and moved to New York to become a citizen of the United States of America. Now I live in Las Vegas out side of the city area. I'm not a gambler, but I am what most people at star bucks consider me independent zombietech who is excessively on a computer almost 24/7. I usually put work ethic first over social interaction or maybe its just my additive distorter. To me its just an intensive desire to produce something so as to show off to others that I can produce complicated CGI Animations and that I enjoy what I do. Although I do want to socialize with people, but I get this fear of rejection and I'm always afraid and shy to talk to people. When I want to brake the ice I use my laptop computer to talk to people by going to social places like star bucks or coffee beans. This is how I met my I think still my wife. We now have a little beautiful little daughter together, which we both love very much. We all four got a house and live together with our two kids in Las Vegas.


    My hobbies are of course Computers and watching UFC Fighting. I've studied martial arts but I was never really good at it. I guess I do spend a lot of time on my computer developing 3d graphic arts as a contractor for my clients. But I don't neglect my beautiful daughter. The kids are most of the time with me while my wife almost always at a casino working and if she is not working she's gambling. This was the starting breaking point of my marriage. I do admit I'm mentally, physically, and spiritually a bit off balanced as my wife says. But the real breaking point of my marriage was I guess my health.


     Physically I was always what people always considered me a scrawny dude with strong thick legs. Well for the longest time they had been a little over sized around the calf area. I didn't think much of it such I always walk to cafe shops to use my computer. I was recommended to have it checked out and in the end of 2011, I was diagnose with a heart murmur at age 35, which ended up being a mitra heart valve regurgitation. At first it didn't hit me at that moment, as a 35 year old patient with a I guess immortality complex or that

I did not have any kind of symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, or fatigued. I myself to myself ( no way the doctor must of made a mistake ). I mean I'm not obese nor do I have a bad diet. I even did great on the heart stress test. But based on the doctors recommendation and deep inside, I was afraid. Before I dived in the surgery room I did a lot of research on Internet to ease my mind and proceeded to do the procedure the doctors wanted and had my mitra velve replaced with a metal valve. That same day of surgery I almost died, but I woke up with a bunch of tubes in my body and mouth. So they tried again the next day and they successfully fixed my heart.


      This was probably my worst moment of my life and how I lost my wife through mind and soul. About an hour pass after my heart was fixed I had my first real heart attack in the hospital ICU and it never ended there. After getting a fibulator put in me and was discharged. I would always get shocked and again and again because of the arrhythmia and out cold I would go. To most of the real man guys out there that would be no problem for you all, but stupid of me I did my research before my open chest heart surgery I knew every shock would get me closer to death and I knew was dying. Boy do I regret knowing too much and thus I spent my time being afraid all the time instead of spending my time with my wife. To this day I understand why my wife left on a vacation with another real man to Florida instead of staying with a whining always afraid weakling like me. I just wish I was not a afraid of dying and just some how how avoid of being shocked and knocked out all the time. At least my daughter always was on my side through the whole depression stage of my heart failure but I think she should have went with my wife and her man and he would teach her to be strong and not be afraid of everything. Because now she's afraid of confronting challenges because of me. To this day I really hate myself and now know why she does not want me nor want me to get to know her people. Even her son obviously deep inside know I'm just a looser. Now in the wheel chair and knowing I lost my family except my daughter. I decided to produce an animation with people I knew in my past. At the same time me and my family decided to do a lot of research and I learned on my computer about heart transplant surgery in UCLA. But this was not possible in Las Vegas and the doctor said I didn't need it to the UCLA. So I and my family bypass them and had the UCLA Doctor Depusqaely allow to take me in and do the heart transplant surgery.


      In the year 2013 I received a new heart from a young man who died in a car accident and the surgery was a major success. I just want to thank the man who gave me a second chance of life and I will always remember the memories and feelings I received in my dreams coming from his heart. Although my marriage went to hell I forgive her for what she did. Although I doubt I would do the same to her if she went through what I went through but its completely understandable. I just don't know why she would do this again  with the same man to this day, I guess I really lost her and I'm just still a looser and I have the look too. I just feel so jealous and mad at myself that real awesome man gets  to have all the fun with her while I get to take care of her our truly awesome daughter. The job connect and unemployment always says If I don't have a degree that means I don't know how to turn on a computer and I still have a hard time getting a stable job at a company. Just take a look at my site here and see that I have no skills. Maybe I don't deserve this very nice man's heart. I am sorry to the family who had their son give his heart to a looser who has no skills and don't know how to turn on a computer.


I guess I have to apologize to Mariejo B Hutchinson for being very sick with my heart failure and also I thank her for Jolina Hutchinson. I truly appreciate her for her cooking and her skills in making the house look great. I don't deserve her. i have accepted it was my fault for her leaving me for a real man.



Now holding a 3d artist job for almost Five years at a 3d gaming studio called F&L Galaxy. These other guys still have all the Luck. My very soon to be ex wife just recently pulled a Bigamy ( Being Married to more then one spouse at the same time). Now I'm in a process of saving up money to purchase a 19ft RV motor home B class with off road tires. I finally accepted that I'm going to be alone and live a single life. Back to the drawing boards for me.

Now nearing the end of my divorce, the court has requested a DNA test for my daughter Jolina Hutchinson, to determine if she is Bernard's biological child, as my soon to be ex-wife claims.


This will be the hardest to accept if Jolina is not my daughter, since I have raised her from birth to now, literally on my side of my family. Am I considered a complete looser and an idiot for raising a child fathered by another man who has been involved with my wife? can already hear that "real man" laughing.